North Technology People

A story about us..

What do you get if you take an Australian immigrant, a hyper growth technology sector and a modern, progressive recruitment business model?
A Canadian success story..

A few words from our founder

"If I know anything about anything, it's tech recruitment. I've been doing it long enough and have put in my 10,000 hours to call myself an expert - 11 years, 6 companies and 4 countries later (Australia, Singapore, England, Canada) It was time to start my own recruitment shop in Toronto, Canada.
To put it really simply, recruitment is a people business. If you don't spend time getting to know people, you're not going to make any placements and will fail pretty quickly in this industry- building a deep, specialist, technology networks is the aim of the game.
One of my favorite sayings and life lessons came from a year 9 Visual Arts Teacher (RIP Filtzy) he was famous for saying "Work smarter not harder".
To honor these wise words and work smart, we needed to be different from our competiors, stand our from the crowd and innovate new and progressive ways to build our networks and find the best people. Mission accomplished :)
Our reputation and brand is also a key part of our story, we're not the slegehammer 'big box recruitment shop', we're the specialist surgeons scalpal and the feedback we've had so far from our clients and candidates has been outstanding.
If you'd like to find out more about how North Technology People can help you hire contract or permanent technology professionals for your team or are looking for a new career move, please reach out via our website or send an email to"

Our Core Values


We belive in Business Karma and making a positive impact in our industry. Building technical communities and hosting free events means we're always connecting with great people. Living the value of Business Karma at North Technology People means our objectives are always clear: connecting the people in our industry and helping our clients grow and scale.


Each of our consultants focuses on recruiting for a technical niche. This means they're constantly filling the same roles and building deep talent networks across Canada. Being a technical specialist means we've developed an intimate knowledge of our market and can provide insights to the people we work with. We're skilled networking professionals, actively participating in our communities.


We're unique, boutique and proud. Being different means standing out from the crowd and doing things our own way. The Canadian technology industry demands a progressive, digital approach to recruitment in order to solve the complex problems of a talent-short market. By getting to know our clients and candidates before we work with them, we can introduce the right person to the right job at the right time.


Building communities and being active participants in our industry lets us find unique people and opportunities. While our competitors react to market conditions, we influence the industry by redefining what it means to be a recruitment business. Building and finding puts us one step ahead of our competitors, giving us a reputation based on delivering quality connections.